Chinese philosophy is the precursor to our life and destiny being intertwined with home and nature. It is the connection of our souls with a balancing and harmonizing order. It is not merely a physical existence. Spiritually, it is the harmony of souls with the outer physical universe. This existence triggers the universe and we can influence all people with our selves. I mean physically and spiritually, but the chain effect is a very important issue here.

Feng Shui is actually the Chinese art of installation, balancing and enriching the environment. In the early days, it was only in the interest of professors in this field, such as where people buy a house or where their grave is. Feng Shui was a bridge between art and science. Its aim was to arrange buildings, rooms, spaces and furniture in the most efficient way in high harmony with nature. His philosophy was entirely based on this. In fact, it can be thought that it forms the roots of many fields such as minimalism. According to Chinese beliefs, when decoration is made with this arrangement, success and happiness come.

FENG SHUI  decoration

This has been proven in science as well. Indeed, the setup of a room required by the work discipline and the entertainment venue cannot be the same. Of course, this depends on our purpose. You should get the light right at the place where you study, maybe you can focus on the outdoors without seeing the fun, your view can be only nature. This requires you to pull the table near the window. At the same time, for example, the room with the least noise can be selected.

So the decoration really coincides with the advocacy of the FENG SHUI philosophy. In other words, you can reduce it to a room, a place, a city, or raise it. As a result, we will talk more deeply and technically in our future articles. But in general, it is a philosophy of less energy, more efficiency, and identification with the human spirit.

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