The north direction is very strong in architecture. It is really the criteria of design, and it is emphasized that it is an important aspect in many movies and series today. It is the direction where the light enters less in our homes and workplaces. This is about the movements of the universe, but since we cannot change a movement that is already here, we will tell you what we should do in the design.

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Now, in fact, the relationship between the climate and the existing structure and the way of living of the employer or owner is also important. In other words, what has been done in this city in this climate should be determined in advance and talked to people if necessary. Remember, one of the most important criteria in architecture is experience. The newly released materials have not actually been tested yet. In other words, there are simulations etc that imitate the environmental conditions, but the real nature is cruel and multi-parameter phenomenon.

We do not know what to expect, and we must be very careful in the selection of materials, and it will have economic benefits and a stress-reducing effect for you to go to the counter, risk-free use, tested products. Now before the material, the north direction is cold and humid. The south side is of course warm and you can go to the large windows to take advantage of the daylight. This is a set of design criteria, but it is also the employer’s request. Do we want to narrow the facade, which has a really cold body and a perfect view that loves winter? I don’t think so.. It would be logical to focus on the best materials we will make, use the forces of geometry and want to see that view at a high degree.

For this reason, we can enlarge the windows as much as possible, maybe even give an exit door. Here, the architect should also show his skills, experience, material knowledge and abundant research. Clichés are not always bad, in fact, issues such as water can be a nuisance in architecture, as well as humidity etc. Perfect details can be overcome by working with experts, such as making the northern windows small, of course, perfect isolation and material cooperation will come into play.

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