Garden Drainage

Landscape and garden design is very important especially in detached buildings. Think about it, it is not an apartment, so it is the place of freedom and getting closer to the land. Water and its disposal, that is, its removal from the building, is always a problem in architecture. Indoor and outdoor water, that is, water in installations or rain is a problem.

Technically, water should be accumulated outdoors with certain slopes and connected to the nearest city line or if it is a villa site, it should move away from the building. Drainage is exactly that. You will see the yellow pipe around you, it is usually placed under the ground.

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The water is filtered and accumulated under the ground in perforated pipes. In other words, it enters the first space and is delivered to the canals and manholes from there. The rain water goes to the rain gutters from the roof drains, and from there, it should drain the water away from the building in a nice way, depending on its location.

The building has nothing to do with water, pool etc. are separate issues. That’s why the rain in the outdoor climate is very dangerous and damages the building as it descends to the foundation. That soil will not be excavated for years, plastic will not disappear in nature, but still the products must be of quality. It should not be fragmented.

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