Suspended Ceilings

It is usually created from drywall material. Being very light, it provides advantages such as not burdening the building with 1.25 cm thick gypsum plates and placing lighting such as spotlights on the reinforced concrete ceiling. Apart from this, a suspended ceiling that comes out of the hands of a master, as white as snow, prevents light reflections with its smooth appearance.

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We said lightness, but there are units such as ventilation, loudspeakers, alarms, grilles, especially in extensive places on the ceiling. If the drywall is 50 cm lower than the reinforced concrete ceiling, which is decided by the whole team, units such as mechanical, electrical, architectural, static, all these equipments are organized. In general, the architect, interior designer and site manager are responsible for the ceiling organization. In some cases, items such as the air conditioner location should be discussed with employers. Air conditioner blowing is a serious problem and can cause disease in the body. In ceiling type air conditioners, the covers are reset to the drywall and the air circulation in the room should be accompanied by engineers.

The ceiling organization is completely over the project, especially all the dimensions are processed clearly on the computer and superposition overlaps are made.Then the application is made. The distances of all units from each other are calculated. For example, within the framework of logic, should the speaker be everywhere? Does the air conditioner power line touch the power line?

Concealed lights can be made in plasterboard ceilings and balkets can be made. Some employers like flat ceilings, while others choose stepped, concealed ceilings.

As a result, drywall is a great material. In the future, we will also give explanations about wall productions.

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