Plants That Don’t Need Sunlight

For many plant growers, getting enough light to their plants can be a headache. Most plants need high amounts of light during their development process. But don’t worry, there are plenty of plants you can grow without turning your homes into showrooms.

There are many plants that you can choose instead of plants that love to sunbathe and can be content with little light. The plants we will present in this article adapt best to your not very bright interiors and will not give you a headache.

Ribbon Flower

Another option that fits very well into homes is the Ribbon Flower. It will be a great choice for your hanging baskets because these flowers can grow up to 90cm at most.

Zeze Blossom

You may have heard that Zeze Flower is also called an ‘unkillable’ herb. Of course, this promise was not spoken in vain; This plant is an incredibly hardy and hardy plant. It does not take offense at the inadequacy of the lighting conditions. This plant, whose biological name is Zamioculcas zamiifolia, is extremely resistant to thirst and neglect.

Dracaena Marginata

This plant variety shows maximum growth in a shaded place, if you have a space in your home that fits this description, you may want to consider setting aside for dracaena marginata. Oh, keep it out of sunlight, its leaves are very delicate and can burn right away.

Lucky Bamboo

Perhaps the toughest of the houseplants, the Lucky Bamboo is said to bring luck to homes. Resembling a full millet plant with its strong stems and leaves, luck bamboo will enjoy it if it gets a little filtered sunlight.


Pineapple family; They are plants that develop much better in the home environment than orchids, can tolerate temperature changes and drought conditions, and will add a different atmosphere to your home with many color varieties.

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