Indoor lighting is a broad topic. If we consider the color first, the color of light is measured in kelvin. Light bulbs produced by various energy companies in the market, ranging from amber color to 10000 kelvin, are used in decoration. Amber color turns to orange and can be very warm and stylish depending on the area where it is used. Amber and low kelvin values ​​are used a lot in garden lighting and facades and they really add warmth, aesthetics and value to the building and the environment. Again, you can make the stairs darker to separate them from the general lighting, or you can shift towards white according to the designer’s imagination.

Lighting types generally consist of elements such as sconce, pendant, chandelier, linear lighting, spotlight and led strip. All of them have different uses in each place.

The stalactites usually contain a subject right under them. For example, it hangs over a beautiful dining table or a beautiful sink. Again, it is all up to the designer, without any application in the presentations.
all confirmed.

Sconces are usually very stylish decoration elements like objects on empty walls. They can be positioned to the right and left of a TV unit.

Chandeliers generally provide stylish lighting in the rooms where the spotlight is not heavy, the lighting will be light but should be sufficient. There are heavy and light ones. A very heavy, stout chandelier in an extra luxurious entrance can double the prestige of the entire space.

Linear lighting can generally be used in areas such as work areas or collective dining halls. It is not preferred in many residential use, except for loft styles.

Spots, on the other hand, go well with plasterboard ceilings and provide good homogeneous lighting in good fixations and good placements. If you do not organize well, if there is no correct placement on the ceilings, the blind spots, that is, the unilluminated spots, give a very bad feeling. For this, there are calculations such as the watt values ​​of the light. If the calculation will not be made, if you place 2-3 pieces and start with a trial, your lighting in the decoration will be healthier.

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