Chicago Botanic Garden

Chicago botanic garden are areas where live plants are exhibited, the preparation times of these gardens are quite demanding. These gardens, in the most general sense, are not prepared randomly. These gardens require special planning and arrangements. The reason for this is that in order for plants to survive, the soil and air structure must be suitable for that plant. Plants grown in different parts of the world are also exhibited in botanical gardens. For this reason, special growing areas in the gardens should be prepared for these plants. This is a situation that reveals how special and difficult the preparation and construction phase of Chicago botanic garden is. So much so that botanical gardens have specially prepared environments in many different structures. These special environments are prepared for live plants that cannot grow in that region. To give an example of this situation, if a plant needs to grow in a stony area, a stony area is arranged in the botanical garden. For water and marsh plants, reeds and ponds are created in the garden.

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The most important point to be considered in the establishment of botanical gardens is the soil in which the plants will be grown. Soil selection is an issue that needs attention. There are thousands of different plant species in botanical gardens. Of course, this situation may vary according to the size of the botanical garden. Each plant in the garden has a label. On this label, the Latin name of the plant, its local name and the country of origin are stated. In some botanical gardens, various collections are created for special plants. Through these collections, people have the opportunity to see all the species of that plant growing in the world. Of course, Chicago botanic garden with such collections are not very common.

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