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This summer, we are inspired by exotic tropical-botanical climates, accompanied by flowers, parrots and large-leaved plants, where orange meets bright green and pink winks at blue. When the weather starts to warm up, a period of lightness and relief begins in the houses with decor and more. Winter fabrics, many dark-colored things are put on the shelf. In some houses, even carpets are replaced by thin rugs. It should not be synonymous to destroy this ritual decoration for decor and more, which is repeated every year, or simply to create an air of emptiness. Therefore, in summer, you can switch to a style that coincides with the hot climate and refreshes you, and you can create a dynamic atmosphere by making room for plenty of green, striking patterns and colors, as in the tropical-botanical style. Find a photo that inspires you and build your inspiration board from it.

But beware: Give the plants plenty of room. Because decor and more not only contributes decoratively, but also eliminates toxins in the air, increases the oxygen level, freshens the air, and helps you feel good. The main material of the tropical+botanical style is metal. It not only reinforces the feeling of naturalness, but also adds radiance. Shiny gold, copper and rose surfaces reflect the perfect harmony of the harsh industrial effect and the wild forest. Combining the prominent patterns of the style with geometric and ethnic patterns provides visual balance. For example, use a leaf patterned armchair with a black and white lozenge patterned rug. Try on complementary accessories such as trinkets, boards and pillows instead of applying the style with patterns as it will look suffocating in a small and narrow living room. If your furniture is light wood, choose botanical and tropical if it is white. Concentrate on one pattern to avoid cluttering the small space.

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