Interior Design Aesthetics

Home decorations are our cocoon of life, where we build our whole lives. In the years when we tried to get away from stress and peace and comfort gained importance, living spaces also embraced more serene and refined innovations. As we are surrounded by the joy of a new year, it is also time to make new decisions, set new goals, in short, to renew and renew internally and externally. As you personally need it, your cocoon houses deserve the same attention. Although interior design aesthetics is not easy to create living spaces with high awareness, it will not be difficult to achieve this with today’s prominent colors, materials and textures.

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Home decorations granny Style

Combining classical forms, tile motifs, seashell and richly textured traditional designs with contemporary elements such as raw linen textiles, jute rugs and plain forms, this style not only highlights modern art and straight furniture, but also provides the sense of intimacy you need most. Interior design aesthetics also takes a break for a while to use gray tones together, which have been used in many homes since 2010.

Home decorations with old and new Layers

Homes should tell the stories of those who live in them. Building comfortable spaces that bring together the old and the new, based on this idea, is one of this year’s favorite decoration tricks. Say goodbye to perfectionist and computer-drawn perfect living spaces and get ready to surround yourself with the elements that make you you.

Natural reflections with emphasis on Earth tones

We say goodbye to the cold and cool tones that have prevailed for years. Chocolate brown, wine burgundy, olive green and yellow ocher tones are everywhere in the houses. Using these warm natural colors in combination with neutral tones on the living units or on the walls will be very good for the spirit of the houses.

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