Portland Japanese Garden

The garden is located on the wooded slopes of historic Washington Park. In the western hills of Portland. The Portland Japanese Garden, which is planned on a sloped area in need of biological repair, is one of the newest and most impressive examples of sustainable park solutions. A welcome center is located in the area. Tanada rainwater gardens were gradually designed at the beginning of the sloped area. Access to the culture village, which is at the top of the area, is provided by stairs with a very high navigational effect.

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There are eating and drinking places, souvenir shops, exhibition areas, education center and library in the culture village. In the training area, visitors can also receive horticultural training. There are natural ponds and natural gardens in the Portland Japanese Garden. However, the horticultural techniques used for Japanese gardens in this area have come together with modern materials instead of traditional materials. The Japanese garden, whose geological structure is quite complex, has adopted a design that minimizes geotechnical risks with its green roof applications, rain gardens and natural gardens where natural vegetation is used. Terrace systems were established in the landslide area in the area and soil movements were tried to be controlled.

One of the most effective materials used in the design of Japanese gardens is stone. In these gardens, stone masters transform stone into an art. Many competent stonemasons were involved in the design of the Portland Japanese Garden. The stone has come to life in this garden with both traditional and modern effects compared to other gardens. Stone was used both as a design element and as a repair element. This special area, where the modern and traditional blend together in Japanese gardens around the world, is flooded by many visitors throughout the year. It creates an impressive viewing and tranquility area for the visitors with its different shades of four seasons. It is a garden where photography lovers can benefit from its blessings.

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