Styles without Cabinets from Famous Interior Designers

Kitchen cabinets are frequently regarded as a very significant component in the kitchen, according to famous interior designers. Small appliances can be stored additional in cabinets, but the latest kitchen designs have done away with those hefty top cabinets. Famous interior designers are invited to rediscover the area between the counter and the ceiling.

 Instead of letting the space accumulate dust or be used for storage, decorating the tops of the lower kitchen cabinets is a terrific way to give them an attractive feature. As opposed to top kitchen cabinets, wall decor ideas, according to famous interior designers, can truly give your area a whole new personality.

Idea from Famous Interior Designers: Simplicity’s Significance

Cabinets can take up a lot of room in a tiny kitchen with a high ceiling, but if the ceiling height is high, cabinets may be preferred, according to famous interior designers. An elegant touch for your kitchen can be provided by old planks. To store little home things, utilize a variety of shelves.

A kitchen layout that maximizes a space’s limited size is one of the finest options for small kitchens, according to famous interior designers. You might want to think about doing away with all of the wall cabinets in a kitchen if there isn’t much room.

Famous interior designers avoid a crowded appearance when designing small kitchens, opt for open shelves, or utilize glass to provide depth to higher cabinets. Famous interior designers claim that wall units can suffocate a small kitchen.

Idea from Famous Interior Designers:  The Value of Minimalism

Instead of having less kitchen storage space, famous interior designers advise installing a breakfast bar that does not occupy a space that is narrower than the cabinets. The messiness is fully gone when the upper kitchen cabinets are gone. For their concepts, famous interior designers want to strike a balance between minimalism and luxurious comfort.

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