The Brooklyn Botanical Garden: Everything You Need to Know

In the New York City borough of Brooklyn is the Brooklyn Botanic Garden (BBG), a botanical garden. Using land from Mount Prospect Park, Brooklyn Botanic Garden was established in 1910 and is located in the heart of Brooklyn. Nearly a million people visit the Brooklyn Botanic Garden each year, which has more than 14,000 different plant taxa. Brooklyn Botanic Garden features several specialties “gardens within the Garden,” plant collections, the Steinhardt Conservatory, which is home to the C. V. Starr Bonsai Museum, three pavilions for plants designed after different climates, an art gallery, and an aquatic plant house made of white cast iron and glass.

Brooklyn Botanical Garden’s Special Cherry Trees         

More than 200 cherry trees, including 42 Asian species and cultivated variants, can be found in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. After World War I, the Brooklyn Botanical Garden received the first cherry trees as a gift from the Japanese government. A cherry blossom viewing event lasts for a full month. On the promenade, cherry trees are arranged in two rows. Cherry trees can be found in a lot of other areas of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Asian flowering cherry bloom between the end of March or the beginning of April and the middle of May.

Brooklyn Botanical Garden’s Special Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden

One of the earliest Japanese gardens built in an American botanical garden is the Japanese Hill and Pond Garden at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. Three peaks make up the Japanese Hill and Pond Garden at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, representing earth, heaven, and humanity:

  • Waterfall
  • Pond
  • Island

The Japanese Hill and Pond Garden at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden also have positioned pebbles. The creek that originates in this garden flows through a number of further areas of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden before coming to a conclusion at the Water Garden.

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